Human Resource

HR Consulting and Outsourcing Solution in Malaysia

Human Resource

HR Consulting and Outsourcing Solution in Malaysia

Human resource is an important asset in any company. Businesses would spend a large portion of their business cost on staff salary and employee benefits. Thus, it is important for companies to have a human resource department for a smooth operation.

At Klozer, we offer human resource consulting in Malaysia, certified as an Ordinary Member of the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management. Our experienced and professional team offers businesses like yours a reliable outsourcing solution for all business needs, giving you the time to focus on building your business without worry.

The big question is, do you need an outsourced HR solution? Are there benefits to hiring an external team? By outsourcing your human resource solution to us:

✓ Our well-trained human resource experts will manage all payroll, employee benefits, leaves, and compensations on your behalf.
✓ You will reduce business expenditure by removing the cost of hiring an inhouse human resource consultant. This is because an outsourced team is able to provide the same professional services at a much lower cost.
✓ You will also be able to focus on business management while our team helps your company to navigate all legality and compliance of any human resource issues for employee satisfaction.

Additionally, we handle all menial tasks such as:

  • Setting up staff handbook.
  • Preparation of employment contract.
  • Registration with relevant authorities including the Inland Revenue Board, Employees Provident Fund, Social Security Organization, Employment Insurance System, and more.
  • Management of payroll; processing and reconciling, preparation of monthly payroll, issuing of payslips, and preparation of direct crediting.
  • Complying to all tax calculations and submissions.
  • Hiring and terminating staff with the preparation and application of EPF and SOCSO.
  • Application for individual income tax file number.
  • Yearly preparation and reconciling of annual payroll registration.
  • Providing advice on local employment laws.

So if you would like to partner with our team of experts for HR consulting and outsourcing solution in Malaysia, get in touch with us now and we will schedule an appointment with you soon.

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