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Malaysia is one of the top ten countries for business in the world. It is strategically located, with a steady economic growth and strengthening internal stability. Global investment opportunities are growing, making now the perfect time to start a business in Malaysia.


Do you have…
✓ A minimum capital of RM2?
✓ One shareholder?
✓ One director that is at least 18 years old and residing in Malaysia?

But don’t have a…
✕ Licensed secretary approved by SSM?
✕ Legal advisor with over 15 years of experience?
✕ Chartered accountant approved by the Malaysian Institute of Accountants?
✕ Licenced tax agent approved by the Inland Revenue Board?
✕ HR personnel with more than 15 years of experience?

Don’t Worry: We Have You Covered!

Klozer is a certified accounting firm that offers a full incorporation package, executed by a team of highly-trained and experienced professionals. We offer retainers—from accountants and company secretaries to tax agents and HR personnels—who will look after all your company’s needs.

Klozer’s incorporation process will take only 5 to 7 days*. Should you have any questions throughout the process, you can reach us anytime, anywhere—we almost always respond immediately! Want to incorporate your company?


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