Tax Compliance Malaysia


Tax Compliance Malaysia

Tax liability is the responsibility of the taxpayer. Businesses and individuals are expected to compute their own tax liabilities based on the law and guidelines set and implemented by the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board (IRB). Though no longer closely reviewed by the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board, tax returns must still be submitted as a form of notice to the IRB.

As the responsibility is now the taxpayers, tax compliance is of utmost importance. Should an individual or a business fail to comply with the guidelines and requirements set by the law, they run the risk of facing penalties including an increase of tax charge. Furthermore, failure to comply with the law puts a business and a taxpayer’s reputation at risk. Hence, finding a reliable and professional team to handle your taxes is crucial for you and your business.  

At Klozer, we have a team of skilled and professional tax consultants who are experienced with tax compliance in Malaysia. Our dedicated team will not only assist with making sure your submissions are according to the requirements of the law, but will also offer expert advice and strategies that will work to the advantage of your business. Are you interested in partnering with us? Drop us a message now and we will get in touch with you soon.

What Can We Do:
Our Tax Planning and Tax Compliance services include the following:

– Preparation and reviewing of tax computation to determine your company’s and business’ tax position. 

– Filing of Tax Returns via Form C / C1 / PT / TA / TC / TR or TN.

– Filing of Estimate of Tax Payable (CP204) or revision of Estimate of Tax or Corporate Tax Estimation (CP204A).

– Preparation of working sheets alongside appendices as supporting documents for Tax Returns.

– Registration of Income Tax Number (C & E number).

– Assisting with statement of monetary and non-monetary payment to a dealer, an agent, or a distributor.

– Offering advice on the payment of the balance of tax payable, should there be any, based on the submitted Tax Returns.

– Providing reminders of deadlines through your chosen means, whether through email or phone call.

– Sending updates on the latest tax developments and the implications of the developments on your business and company.

Are you interested in partnering with the experienced professionals at Klozer for tax compliance service in Malaysia?

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