Labuan Trust service in Malaysia

Labuan Company Set Up

Labuan trust service in malaysia

Labuan Company Set up

The Malaysian government constantly welcomes all foreigners and foreign investors to set up their international businesses in Malaysia with a low tax benefit and 100% ownership through the Labuan International Company. However, there are certain expectations of which business owners are required to comply with through specific authorities such as the Labuan Financial Services Authority, the Inland Revenue Authority, the Central Bank of Malaysia, and the Malaysia Immigration Department. Failing to meet the expectations and requirements can cause your Labuan company to be inactive, penalised, and blacklisted. Your bank account could be labelled as uncredible with the Malaysian banking system, and you might face difficulties with visa renewal after the expiration. But at Klozer, we ensure that none of these would happen to you and your business.

With our years of experience and expertise in setting up Labuan Companies, you can trust that we will provide full support in every aspect of your Labuan Company set up. We will ensure all necessary approvals are obtained, preparing all required documents and assisting in all the processes with the relevant authorities. We have a team that is able to guide you through every step, especially in the areas of taxation, company structure and identity, and ownership portioning. And as a guideline, we at Klozer will go through the following steps of setting up your Labuan Company starting with the company registration, then application of business visas, followed by landing procedure at immigration, and last but not least, the opening of a bank account.

 Rest assured, our team is ready to assist should there be any arising issues. We have served many international companies over the years and are experienced in ensuring your Labuan Company is ready for business. Should you require any professional advice, we would be more than happy to assist you too. So if you are interested in your Labuan Company set up, get in touch with us now and we will schedule an appointment to meet with you soon.

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